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hulk-hogans-ccwTen brave celebrities come together to learn, train and compete in competitive wrestling while being eliminated one by one each week based on judges' selections and head-to-head matches with one another. World champion wrestler Hulk Hogan, former president of World Championship Wrestling Eric Bischoff and professional wrestling manager Jimmy Hart judge the celebrities on their performances throughout various challenges which include mastering complex wrestling moves, trash talk to intimidate the opponent and working a live audience. On the road to transforming them into wrestlers, the cast will be coached by former professional wrestlers Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake and Brian Knobbs.

The Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling cast includes:

- Danny Bonaduce - television and radio host, reality star and actor The Partridge Family

- Todd Bridges - television personality, actor Different Strokes

- ButterBean - super-heavyweight boxer

- Trishelle Cannatella - television personality, reality star Real World: Las Vegas

- Dustin Diamond - television personality, actor Saved by the Bell

- Erin Murphy - television personality, actress Bewitched (Tabitha Stephens)

- Dennis Rodman - five-time NBA champion

- Frank Stallone - actor, singer, Sylvester Stallone's brother

- Tiffany - chart-topping '80s pop singer

- Nikki Ziering - actress, Playboy playmate

The celebrities will be faced with exhausting challenges and elimination matches that will lead up to the heart-pounding finale that will determine the winner. The contestants will be divided into two teams, then taught the same set of moves to create the most exciting wrestling match against one another in an attempt to win over the judges and a live audience. Hogan, 12-time world champion, will be just as tough on the cast as he was on his challengers in a match, and each week the celebrity who doesn't bring their A-game will be thrown out of the ring. Ultimately only one will become the celebrity all-star wrestling champion.